what is core training why is it important

Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong when you train week after week and yet don’t achieve the desired outcome? It is not about working out for hours – it is the type of workout routine you follow and if you stick to it regularly or not. One of the most important aspects of fitness is to strengthen your core as it has three-dimensional depth along with proper movement in the three planes of motion.

What is core training and why is it important

The primary function of the core is to be a stabilizer and act as a force transfer center. It is not really a prime mover, but when core training commences, the major movements are focused here. When it comes to core strength, you need to consider it as an ability to generate sufficient force at par with core stability that has the power to regulate the force exerted. Core stability has five components including endurance, flexibility, strength, function, and motor control. The last two are the most important because the remaining three are of no use without them irrespective of your endurance level.

Core stability is vital so that you can provide proper protection to the spine and the muscles in the surrounding areas from injuries during static and dynamic movements. It is necessary to transfer and produce the necessary force when it comes to dynamic movements while maintaining stability of the core. If you have solid core stability, then it reduces the risk for injuries, as per research results.

How does core strength prove to be advantageous? what is core training why is it important

When you have a strong core it helps to lessen back pain. When it comes to protecting the back, the abdominals get the credit. They are also responsible for the foundation of strength but if you look at the overall scenario, they comprise a small part of the core. Weak and unbalanced core muscles lead to low back pain. Such muscles can cause a loss of the correct lumbar curve and a swayback posture. When you start to build powerful and balanced core muscles, the strain on the spin is greatly reduced; thereby relieving the pain and helping you get the right posture.

Core strengthening exercises are extremely beneficial for athletes and helps to give a boost to their performance. The muscles of the torso and the trunk help to stabilize the spine, covering areas of the pelvis to the neck and shoulder. This enables the quick transfer of power to the arms and legs. The movements originate from the center and move outwards – they are not generated solely by the limbs. While participating in sporting activities, you experience powerful and fast muscle contractions on a continuous basis. There are extremities involved here, so the spine needs to be stable and solid, so that the muscles can draw sufficient strength from the core.

what is core training why is it importantYour postural imbalances are automatically corrected when the muscles of the core become powerful. Core training is not just to get a fit and muscular body, but also to develop and increase functional fitness that allows you to perform daily tasks and activities without experiencing discomfort. While we might not realize it consciously, there is a large portion of everyday activities that are centered around the core, starting from sweeping the floor, moving a desk to a different room, climbing the stairs to the attic, and so on. You don’t have to be involved in sports or run a marathon for strengthening your core muscles – they can help you breeze through your daily routine without making you feel drained.

Exercises for core strength – what are you missing out?

Your torso needs to operate as a solid unit, multi-joint movements have to be synchronized, spine stabilization has to be regulated, and both back and front muscles have to contract at the same time – if these conditions can be met, it is safe to say that core strengthening exercises will benefit you immensely.

what is core training why is it important

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