The-Best-Core-Workout-to-Become-a-Faster-and-Stronger-Runnertop200Core strength is not only essential for runners, but for all sportspersons. Without adequate stability provided by the core, your times suffer, muscles ache, and overall performance is also  affected in a negative way.

Why is core strength important?

The core comprises three-dimensional depth along with proper movement in the three planes of motion. It acts as a steady force transfer center – actual movements are devised and carried out from this point. Core stability has five components including endurance, flexibility, strength, function, and motor control. Having a strong core allows you to generate sufficient force at par with core stability that has the power to regulate the force exerted. It is necessary to transfer and produce the necessary force when it comes to dynamic movements while maintaining stability. Chances of injuries are reduced as well.

How does core strength prove to be advantageous?

Benefits or a strong core are many–take a look

  • Lessens strain on the spine, thereby reducing back pain caused due to weak and unbalanced core muscles.
  •  Boosts performance – since the spine is stable, muscles can extract adequate strength from the core itself.
  •  No more problems related to postural imbalances – develop and enhance functional fitness so you don’t face difficulties while carrying out daily tasks.
  •  You don’t feel overly drained or fatigued after intense runs.

Perfect core workout for runners to be faster and more powerful

You don’t have to slog for hours in order to develop better running skills and increase stamina – a few easy movements will accomplish the objective. This circuit targets the entire core, including the hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, obliques and lower back. It is very convenient and doesn’t require machines or equipment, so you can do it anywhere, whether you are home, at the gym or in a hotel room. It includes six movements repeated two or three times for 30seconds to one minute each. Please don’t exceed the time specified for each exercise.

Modified Bicycle

Lie on your back and extend your right leg up in the air. Your thigh should be perpendicular to your torso and your shin parallel to the ground. Next, lift your right leg two to three inches off the ground, hold for a few seconds, then switch legs. Make sure your lower back is in a neutral position during the entire exercise. You can put one hand in the small of your back to gauge this, making sure your back neither presses down or lifts up from your hand.

Balance Plank

Start by lying on your stomach and prop your weight on your forearms and toes. Keep a straight line from your head to your feet and hold this position for the entire exercise, making sure your abs, glutes and lower back are engaged. Simply hold it here, or if you’re up to the challenge, simultaneously lift the right leg and the left arm, hold for two to three seconds and switch.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the ground. Next, lift your hips so there is a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Extend one leg straight out, hold for a few seconds, then place it back down on the ground and repeat on the other side. Make sure your hips don’t dip and your butt doesn’t sag to the ground during the movement.

side-plank-with-leg-lift2Side Plank Leg Lift

Lying on your right side, lift your body so your weight is propped up on your forearm and the side of your right foot. There should be a straight diagonal line from your head to your feet. Hold steady, engaging the core muscles. Or, for an even greater challenge, complete 10 lateral leg raises, by slowly lifting your left leg to a 45-degree angle and lowering it back down to the start position. Switch to the left side and repeat.

Modified Bird Dog

In a tabletop position on your hands and knees, lift your left arm so it’s parallel to the ground. At the same time, lift your right leg back behind you so your thigh is parallel to the ground and your shin is perpendicular. Your knee should be bent at 90 degrees and your glute muscle activated. Hold for several seconds and switch sides.

Supine Bridge Leg Lift

The best core workout to become a faster and stronger runner

Lie on your back with your weight on your elbows and heels, lift your hips and keep a straight line from your toes to your shoulders. Next, maintaining a solid core and not breaking at the waist, lift your right leg eight inches off the ground, hold for two to three seconds. Repeat the same movements with the opposite leg.

So the very first step towards becoming a better runner is to establish a structured routine that involves this particular circuit. The effects are noticeable about 2 to 3 months of adhering to this fitness regimen.
The best core workout to become a faster and stronger runner

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