best hydration electrolytesThe Best Electrolyte Replacement and Muscle Recovery Supplements for Runners

Dehydration is not a minor problem that can be ignored, especially for those who workout on a regular basis or indulge in rigorous physical activity. In extreme cases, dehydration might require medical attention in hospitals. A few years back, there wasn’t a concrete way to rehydrate a severely dehydrated person instantaneously but oral rehydration salts have eliminated that problem. Their formula is based on gastrointestinal physiology, and is much more effective than sports drinks.

What happens during dehydration?

Dehydration occurs as a result of taking in or losing too much fluid. Mild cases can cause dizziness and confusion, while severe situations could lead to fatal consequences like coma and death. Electrolytes are necessary for our body as they regulate the balance of fluids in and outside cellular environments. If this equation is disturbed, the important elements like muscle function, nerve signals, pH levels, etc. wreak havoc on your health. Being adequately hydrated is vital so that your body can automatically control the movement of electrolytes and prevent disruptions.

What is oral rehydration therapy?

To put it in a nutshell, oral rehydration therapy is to provide ample salts and fluids through the mouth to restore the body back to its formerly hydrated condition. This technique was actually developed by Bangladeshi researchers, when the cholera epidemic was running rampant in their country, and they realized that death was not due to infections but because of uncontrollable diarrhea and loss of massive amounts of fluids from the body that were not being replenished (back then there was no method to do so). Oral rehydration involves two crucial factors:

Salt absorption

The concept of oral rehydration therapy is easy to understand. When fluid moves quickly through intestines to be absorbed normally, the sodium-glucose cotransporter, is used for salt absorption. This is a protein found on the surface of the intestines, and has better absorption capabilities than glucose. Oral rehydration solutions contain the correct mix of salt, water and glucose to ensure that salt absorption is the maximum.

electrolytes for athletesOsmolarity and Fluid Dynamics

Osmolarity is used to describe the concentration of substances in a fluid that are capable of exerting force on it. The higher the osmolarity, the more force is placed on the fluid. If you place a high osmolarity solution next to one with low osmolarity, fluid movement is from low to the high osmolarity solution until the two solutions reach equal osmolarity. Applying the same analogy to the fluids in your bloodstream – when fluids in intestines are more osmotically active than your blood, the fluid will be drawn to them, which dehydrates you even more. Oral rehydration salts are osmotically close in composition to your blood, so they flow into the bloodstream and remain there, so you can be rehydrated quickly.

Why sports drinks are not a viable option?

Sports drinks are not completely ineffective, but they aren’t as good as oral rehydration salts, which is why you should be more inclined towards the latter. In most varieties of sports drinks available today, the balance of sugar to salt is radically angled towards sugar. Therefore, while consuming sports drinks you are absorbing salt as well as large amounts of sugar, which is an osmotically-active substance. In the absence of an equal quanitiy of salt, this sugar can’t be absorbed, and it pulls more fluid into the intestines, thus increasing dehydration levels.

What is Rapid Rehydr8? bottle_water

After working out for hours on end, which often happens if you are participating in an important event, your body undergoes a lot of stress and strain. Needless to say there is massive loss of electrolytes due to sweating, so you need to know how to replenish electrolytes. This is where a lot of people go wrong – they feel that sitting down for sometime and gulping a few sips of water is sufficient to restore electrolyte balance. It doesn’t work that way, so the electrolyte levels keep reducing till you feel dizzy and faint, or experience severe cramps.

To ensure that your body doesn’t give up and your performance remains consistent, you have to take Rapid Rehydra8 supplements to make up the deficit and aid in recovery. They are available as capsules, and the formula is made up with the right proportions of electrolytes as per your body’s requirements. The best part is you don’t have to make room for these capsules in your nutrition chart or map out a complex diet plan, because they can be taken with any diet or meal plan that you follow. Take a look at the directions, and you will notice they are in a generalized format, which doesn’t affect sporting activities, workout routines, and training sessions.

What is the product composition?

These capsules contain five major ingredients – magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, and vitamin D3. Here’s how they contribute to restoring electrolyte balance:


One of the most abundantly present minerals in the body, half of it can be found in bones, while the rest is found inside the cells of organs and tissues. It facilitates several important biochemical reactions in the body. Main functions comprise regulation of heart beat, enhanced health of the immune system, facilitating nerve & muscle function, controlling blood sugar content, keeping blood pressure at normal levels and increasing bone strength. It plays a vital role in energy metabolism too.


Potassium is instrumental in transmitting neurons – as already stated, it works with sodium as an electrical pump, in order to restore electrolytic balances and stimulate conductivity between cells. It also helps to normalize muscle function and heartbeat.


The amount of water present in our bodies has to be regulated – it can’t veer towards extremes or else our health will suffer. Sodium ensures the correct water level is maintained at all times. It combines with potassium to form an electrical pump so that electrolyte balance isn’t disrupted both in and outside cells. It is also responsible for regulating blood volume and promoting muscle & nerve functions.


It plays an integral role in the formation of bones and teeth, which is its main function. It carries nerve impulses, and also aids in muscle contraction and blood clotting. Most of the calcium in the body lies within the skeletal system, but the cells and blood need a certain quantity as well. Calcium needs to be ingested via external sources so that it is not extracted from the bones, eventually leading to severe depletion.

Vitamin D3

Often known as cholecalciferol, Vitamin D3 is a must, in order to maintain the overall health of your body. Vitamin D3 helps to preserve strong teeth and boosts bone health by proper absorption of phosphorus and calcium from the stomach. Other benefits include reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthening of immune system, regulation of metabolism, and enhanced cognitive abilities.

best electrolytes for athletesDetails about taking Rapid Rehydr8

Some of you might be apprehensive about swallowing capsules with water, so an alternative approach is to drop 2 electrolyte tablets into water and let them dissolve. Afterwards you can pour this solution into a bottle and take it along to the gym or keep it handy wherever you workout. However, this method is effective only if you drink up the full bottle within a short period of time, which means you need to keep preparing more. You could add more capsules and create super-concentrated electrolyte mix instead, which lasts longer. Fresh water can be used as an additional fluid to dilute down a tiny sip of the concentrate. Don’t forget to shake the bottle well, every time you drink from it. Flavoring can be added to enhance the taste, but it shouldn’t be overly sweet.

Recommended dosage

Sweat rates of every sports person is different, including other parameters like reactions to stress, humidity, and heat. It is necessary to plan out an electrolyte protocol schedule before consuming Rapid Rehydra8 capsules, so there is no place for contingencies of any kind. Ideally, you should get a professional opinion regarding this matter. If you are heavily into activities such as riding a bike or running, one capsule of Rapid Rehyra8 every 30 minutes to one hour is sufficient, and this cycle is to be repeated till the activity is over.

The body type, i.e. the way you are built, weight, and height, is an integral factor to be considered. Your dosage will also change according to the weather, because it has a profound effect on the body. For instance, hot and humid conditions might require more capsules to replenish the electrolyte content in your body. But then again, your dosage shouldn’t go beyond 10 capsules per day, regardless of scorching heat or events that go on for hours. Overdosing will have an adverse effect on your health with bouts of vomiting, blackouts, or feeling unwell.

Even though Rapid Rehydr8 has been deemed safe and without harmful side effects, please talk to your doctor or any registered medical practitioner before taking these supplements, as discussed above. This is a precaution against those with health issues like high blood pressure, where self-diagnosis with oral rehydration salts could lead to problems.But based on buyer ratings, its proving to be the best electrolyte replacement and  best muscle recovery supplement on by far…cramping is becoming a thing of the past for users of this product…check them out below on Amazon…

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