Elite Sportz Footspray
“Love Love Love it!”

I absolutely love this product. I’ve tried many different products to reduce the odor in my shoes, but this is the first one I can really say works. Just one or two sprays when I take off my shoes. I also spray directly on my feet in the mornings if I not wearing stocking. My feet have never been softer. I was just about to reorder but it is currently not available. I really hope it comes back soon. as I would hate to run out.
– Reda G Seal


“Worth the money”
Got this for my daughter who had really stinky feet EVEN after washing…this stuff works. She’s happy, I’m happy. Would definitely get it again if needed but the product seems to have corrected her stinky feet problem.
– Opsglasser



Elite Sportz Electrolyte tablets

“Muscle free Marathon”
Just ran my third marathon. First two, I got crazy muscle cramps around mile 19 or 20. I spoke to a running coach and they said it was likely due to a lack of sodium intake during the race. So for my third race, I looked online and found Rehydr8. I took it as directed during my race, in 92 degree heat, and no muscle cramps!! I also trained much less for this marathon than my first two, so I was expecting muscle cramps for sure… but nope! I guess this works.
– Thatpeices

“Don’t need to carry extra weight of water”

Picked up a bottle of these for long mountain bike rides, don’t like carrying the extra weight of sports drinks along with water in my pack. Will also be bringing a stash along when backpacking or cruising timber, I like that many days worth can be packed without lots of extra weight. So far they have worked well, haven’t noticed any cramping or fatigue like I would without electrolytes and no need to carry both water and a sports drink along for the ride.
– Sawyer

“Big Bang for the Bucks”
Am a ‘once upon a time’ ab wheel user who recently purchased the “Eiite” model. Am especially impressed with the overall quality. The fact that the wheels are of a lesser diameter than my previous model and that they are spaced a short distance apart appears to minimalize the ‘wobble’ factor when muscles become fatigued. Conversely, it is no longer an instrument of torture, but now a effective mode of core conditioning.
– D Cruikshank

“Very Sturdy but then Light weight”
The product is exactly what I wanted and exactly what was advertised. The service was great and the shipping was fast. I really appreciated the follow-up email to make sure I received the product and if everything was satisfactory. Highly recommend the product and Elite Sportz Equipment.
– Zoe NY

Elite Sportz Core Exercise Sliders

“Best addition made to my work-out”
Love my Core Slider Gliding Disc. I was using a towel at first to workout but this disc make my routines so much easier. The best part is how well they work on carpet and then flip them over and you can workout on tile or wood with no problem. They also have some good videos on their site with tips on how to use the sliders best. Would definitely recommend!
– James Lincoln


“Happy with product and service”
The sliders were delivered very quickly and completely met my expectations. I am very happy with both the product and the level of service I received from Elite Sportz. Thanks.
– Mark Tschirgi

“Leg Saver”
I work in the moving industry, and am lifting heavy stop every day. I’ve been having sore and tight legs for around 2 years now, and have tried everything. Stretching and magnesium seemed to help some, and I had been using a baseball bat as a roller. It helped somewhat but didn;t roll easily and the shape doesn’t allow for optimum effect. I have trigger points and muscle knots all in my thighs and calves. I just got this in the mail, rolled each leg for about 5 minutes, spending about 30 seconds on each tender spot. I can feel an immediate difference, and that’s after just one use. The grips on the end have a nice rubber handle, and the rollers are plastic with indention’s in them. There are a total of 9 rollers. At first I thought the plastic might be too hard, but with my stiff legs it felt just right. I’m sure there are other brands that work well too, but I am thoroughly please with this product, and plan on using it every day or two
 Phil Harris

“Truly works….Highly Recommend”

I was skeptical about buying the stiff stick but I needed a serious solution to my leg muscle tightness and after reading great reviews I decided to give it a try. I am soooo glad I did! It’s worth every penny! I was having severe problems with my IT Band and haven’t been able to go out running in months. I’ve done stretches, foam rolling, massages and they weren’t helpings with my problem. This stiff stick has worked wonders in a matter of days. I’ve gone out running multiple times with no ITB problems! I also feel the difference in recovery time when I use it after a 10 mile run and after lifting heavy on leg day. I highly recommend this stick. It reached places a foam roller can’t. I wish I knew about this stick a lot sooner. I could have been out running again months ago.
– Ivette M

“Great Tool”

I’ve ran track for 5 years and so obviously I’ve gotten many knots and cramps. This year I decided to invest in something that would help. By far the best thing I have ever bought. Within a week of waiting it finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it out. The roller is stiff so it helps focus on a certain point and it’s very sturdy. Before and after every race I have a teammate roll out my legs and I feel great. Best investment I’ve made and I recommend this to anybody for an all around massager for sore and tight muscles.
– Brandon

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for Kids

“Fantastic Game highly recommend”
love any games that can be played outdoors with a small crowd of people or alone. I saw this game and figured that I would give it a try, and I was not disappointed. The game is easy to install with no small parts and it comes in a nice carrying case to make it easy to transport. I take this game with me everywhere…camping, bonfire, family party, etc. This is easy for young kids to play and it’s them away from the electronic devices so that they can spend more time with you.
Annette J La Serra


“Fun for the whole family”
Fun for the whole family!! We bring this game everywhere. Parks, tailgating, friends house. It’s a great game, light so it’s easy to travel with. Fun to play. Good quality. I Love it and the kids (and adults) love it as well!..
– Jason L Dill