About Us


At Elite Sportz, we aim to provide people with the tools they need to create memories, set new missions, and achieve their goals. Whether that’s playing games in your backyard, feeling confident when you’re staying active, or hitting fitness milestones, we’ve got you covered.

From holidays to birthdays, we’ve designed activities that’ll help you create happy memories for years to come. Elite Sportz Games are created to challenge and excite players of all ages. 

Best of all, we have a wide selection of classic games with a twist. That means you’ll get to keep the fun going whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day or enjoying the outdoors at a backyard barbeque.  

Along with Elite Sportz Games, Elite Sportz was founded on the belief that fitness and exercise should be accessible to all. From workout novices to fitness enthusiasts, we believe that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy.

Our fitness products offer intuitive designs and clear instructions that make it simple for you to start working out, stay active, and even recover from a workout — regardless of where you’re at in your journey.

We love to see our customers' lives transform. Knowing that we’ve helped you become another success story is why we keep doing what we do.   

Our products are for the avid runner, the at-home gym enthusiast, the game night party host, and the highly competitive player. We don't discriminate when it comes to having something for everyone. We’ve curated a unique inventory of exercise equipment and remade classic games. Simply put, Elite Sportz and Elite Sportz Games are where fitness meets nostalgia.