enduranceMost athletes are caught in a warp of biased misconceptions about strength training. The raging idea is that strength training often leads to athletes’ being bigger and slow. This is one of the reasons why most endurance athletes rarely take to strength training in the belief that it will deteriorate their performance. Experts’ opinions and scientific studies over time however are giving a more positive and defining story.

Enhanced exercise economy
In the athletic circuit, exercise economy simply is the metabolic or the energy cost of an exercise. During a performance, an athlete running at a particular speed utilizes a specific percentage of energy and this increases with increase in speed. For instance, for two athletes running at the same speed, the stronger one often has lower energy cost. Strength training improves strength and endurance and lowers the energy cost to an individual hence helping improve on the performance.

Does not increase size
The misconception on strength training as leading to weight increase, as aforementioned, has led to athletes shunning this great exercise. Most of the people often confuse strength training with bodybuilding and this is where they go wrong. For bodybuilding, there is always a likelihood of increased size due to the gained muscle mass. However when it comes to strength training this is not possible. As can be discerned from most studies, strength training centers on efficiency and strength and does not focus on the size of the body. The key drive behind strength training is to enhance endurance, improve the strength of the core muscles and to increase performance. Unlike bodybuilding that might require athletes to spend hours pumping weights, experts opine that strength training only requires an allocation of a few hours of exercises every week with the focus being on key muscles.

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