Finding it difficult to recover your body after a strenuous exercise session? Don’t worry. Plenty of people are in EXACTLY the same boat as you. Thankfully with the right techniques and equipment you will be able to shorten that recovery period quickly. On this page I am going to discuss one of the most popular techniques.

Before we dive into that technique though, it is probably worth discussing a little bit about WHY it takes our bodies a while to recover after exercise. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Your muscles have become overstressed. They have become tired from the workout and they seem to lose pretty much all the strength they had. You know you have worked out hard if your muscles feel weak, but it certainly is not going to be easy to recover from.
  • Lactic Acid begins to build up inside of the muscles when you work out. In normal circumstances your body is pretty good at getting rid of all of that lactic acid. When you workout however, you will be putting your body through a LOT of stress. Your body simply does not have the ability to get rid of the lactic acid as quickly as it is building up. The result is tired and painful muscles.

Now, you could always wait a couple of days to recover. You don’t really want that though, right? Of course not! This is why I want to introduce you to a special piece of equipment known as a ‘muscle roller massager’. Now, this rather nifty little item is a specially constructed ‘plastic wand’ of sorts which will help your body to recover as quickly as possible. Use this after a workout and you will be kicking your body into recovery mode sooner as opposed to later.

This is a deep tissue massager and it is perfect for those who wish to utilize self Myofascial release. Most massage sticks on the market are dreadfully simple to use, and many of them are VERY small so you can pop it off into your gym bag and use it straight after a session.

Using a muscle roller massager will promote circulation in your muscles. This will help to alleviate any pain that you may suffer as a result of your work out. Tired muscles will be instantly reinvigorated, and lactic acid will be dispersed so it does not cause any problems for you.

Many professional sportsmen use self Myofascial release to great effect. I have encountered MANY people who have used a massage roller stick actually during a workout. You will be surprised at how quickly that deep massage will put a little bit of spring back into your muscles.

There are a number of different massager rollers on the market. One that I can really recommend can be found here….. It now has over 100,(5)star reviews and it actually works well (there are some which are nothing more than a cheap bit of a plastic). I suggest you check it out.

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