how to hydrate yourself without drinking waterNeedless to say, neglecting on staying hydrated is not an option, especially after a rigorous workout. You might not be an athlete or a professional sportsperson, but you definitely need to maintain a certain amount of fluids in your body, especially water, which is responsible for regulation of temperature, lubrication of joints, and transporting waste and nutrients within the body.

How does the body lose fluids?

During exercise, your body undergoes a lot of strain – if you don’t hydrate properly, you might get muscle cramps due to dehydration and your performance will be subsequently affected. The right kind of fluids is a must. Here are a few ways in which you lose water from the body:
If your workouts involve exercises at an altitude, your fluid losses go up and thereby increase the need for fluid replacement.

When you exercise at higher temperatures, you lose fluids via sweating, while workouts in the cold hamper your ability to identify fluid losses, which shoot up through respiration.

Sweating, as stated before, is one of the most common ways through which you get dehydrated.
The longer it takes for you to complete a single workout session, the more fluids you lose from your body.

The fluid loss from the body must be compensated right away or else it starts to affect the performance in a negative way.

Take a look at these hydration tips:

how to hydrate yourself without drinking waterCoconut water – This is not only popular as a method for rehydrating, but this tropical drink contains fewer carbohydrates and is rich in potassium. The unsweetened varieties of coconut are extremely efficient hydrators. However, this is suitable for hydrating after light exercise sessions as it is low in sodium and can’t replace the sodium content lose by your body after tough workouts.

Soups – If you are not much of a soup drinker, it is fine, because a light soup with veggies can be a mid-morning or afternoon snack for increasing water content in the body and providing energy. Use vegetables with lots of water in them such as celery, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, tomato and zucchini. You can also blend everything and carry the mixture in a thermos to sip on.

Smoothies – Use fruits with high quantity of water such as blueberries, oranges, peaches, pineapples, plums, raspberries, cantaloupes and watermelon to make a smoothie. Don’t use thickeners such as soy, rice, or dairy – pour water instead. You can make a huge batch and drink it for several hours to come.

how to hydrate yourself without drinking waterJuices – A glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast is a great way to begin the day; it is refreshing and tasty! You can opt for a mixed fruit flavor by adding pineapple or cranberry to it. Another homemade health drink is carrot juice with a dash of ginger – it can really rejuvenate and keep you motivated for your workout. In case you are purchasing bottled or packaged juice, don’t forget to add water to lower the sugar levels.

Herbal Teas – While choosing teas, make sure it doesn’t contain caffeine. Chamomile, peppermint or nettle tea are good choices for brewing, but then again the number of options are many. You can mix a couple of varieties to get a unique taste. Herbal teas can supply the body with the necessary fluids and keep it hydrated for longer.

Fruits – You can eat fruits such as watermelon, dates, or bananas as they contain electrolytes and fluids that can help you rehydrate during intense workout sessions. Try to alternate between munching on fruits and drinking water.

how to hydrate yourself without drinking waterFat-free or Skim Milk – Milk has always been recommended as one of the best sources of calcium that is very important for maintaining good bone health. However, it has been proved that milk can be immensely useful when it comes to recovery and rehydrating after exercise. In fact, it is considered to be better than water. Go for a slimmed-down carton because whole milk contains more fat, which delays replenishing of fluids in the body.

Alternative tip for hydration

If you are stumped for time, and can’t really prepare juices or smoothies all the time, try Elite Rapid Hydration capsules, which contain the right amount of electrolytes that help to maintain the correct fluid levels in the body. Not only does your performance improve, but you can participate in events and meets with more confidence due to better times. Your stamina, power output, and overall strength goes up, and rest assured, there is no chance of muscle cramps and reduced risk of injuries if you remember to take these on a regular basis.
However, it is crucial to maintain a consistent water intake even if you don’t stick to the “8 glasses per day rule”. Talk to a fitness expert and find out how much water you can consume, so that a decent fluid level is maintained in the body at all times.

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