As you work out lactic acid will start to build up in your muscles. Lactic Acid is a bi-product of the biological processes which take place as you work out. The problem is, it is not that good for your muscles. In fact, too much lactic acid can be quite painful. You won’t feel it right away but you almost certainly will feel it the next day. If you have gone through a particularly strenuous workout then the pain will be intense. You may even find it difficult to move your muscles! Thankfully, it is easy to prevent the build-up of lactic acid. Let me explain how to prevent lactic acid build up when running or after exercise.

The only way in which you are going to be able to prevent lactic acid build-up and the burn that is a result of this during a workout is by working out more. It really is that simple. When you put those muscles to work a chemical known as Lactate starts to build up in them. In normal situations your muscles will be able to eradicate the Lactate quite quickly. However, in some cases you will be working so hard and creating so much Lactate that your body will not have the time to expel all of it. This is when lactic acid forms. This is where working out comes in. The more you work out and the harder you work out the better your body becomes at getting rid of the lactate. If it gets rid of this lactic quick enough then the lactic acid will never form…or at least only a little will.

Of course, no matter how hard you work out it is still important that you take measures to get rid of the leftover lactic acid in your muscles. You should always start with stretching. This will eliminate most of it. It will not get rid of all of it though. You may still experience some pain later on. This is why I suggest that you invest in a muscle roller.

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