Are you experiencing tension in your lower back or neck? Do you want to learn how to get a knot out of your lower back or neck by yourself? Is it confined to a specific spot? Are these spots sensitive to the touch? Well, it is likely that you are suffering from a muscle knot.These things can really hamper the workout process. It is therefore important to know how to get rid of them. Now, you can always go to a professional to get them out of your muscle. However, this is expensive. You can quite easily do it from within the comfort of your own home … Let me explain how.

Muscle knots are often formed due to excess lactic acid within your muscles. The lactic acid leads to a build-up of proteins in a certain location. This leads to your muscle going into spasm and getting stuck there. It happens often when you are working out for the first time after being fairly sedentary or if you have suffered and injury or overworked your muscles. It can be quite painful. You do need to get rid of them quickly or you could end up making the damage a whole lot worse through working out.

One of the first things that you are going to want to do is to take an anti-inflammatory pill such as ibuprofen. This will help quell the pain a little and cause the inflammation to subside. This will not completely eliminate the muscle knot however. You will need to use a special tool known as a muscle roller.

A muscle roller is essentially a ‘self-massager’.Seen here at Amazon…. You will be using it on the muscle knot to help release it and un-tense those muscles. Now, I am not going to lie to you here. It will be painful to massage those knots. It is important that you do so though as they will not release themselves otherwise. They will just end up causing them more pain. To use the muscle roller you will simply apply it with a bit of pressure directly onto the knot and gently roll it over. It is basically giving yourself a massage. You will want to do this a couple of minutes a day for a few days. Pretty soon you will start to notice that the inflammation has disappeared and your muscle relaxes a little. Repeat this process until the knot has disappeared completely.

There are a number of different muscles rollers on the market. I suggest that you think long and hard about the one that you purchase. One which appears to be surprisingly effective at the job can be found here:. It is incredibly popular due to the fact that not only is it quite cheap compared to most muscle rollers on the market but it is highly durable. This means that you will be able to get years of usage out of it (don’t forget, it will be able to do a lot more than remove knots. It can make a vital post-workout tool if you know how to use it properly). It is also small enough to slide into your gym bag for you to use whenever you want.

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