lose-weight-after-the-holidays2Holidays are the perfect opportunities to sample delicious meals that often lead to overeating, but we don’t really pay heed to it, especially when it is a joyous occasion like Christmas. However, the “slap in the face” occurs the moment your favorite jeans don’t fit or the scales show a significant increase in your weight.

Say goodbye to leftovers

While it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your favorite foods, you need to devise a plan of action in place to shed the pounds as soon as you resume your normal everyday routine. The very first rule is to clear out leftovers. It is common to end up with endless boxes of chocolates/sweets/snacks after Christmaschristmas – better to either dispose of them or give them away to a homeless shelter or food bank than to mindlessly plough through them. A couple of days of over-indulgence won’t sabotage a strong year of training, but extending this for several weeks is a big mistake!

How many miles can you run to offset Christmas?

The number of miles you will need to run to lose weight depends on your size and your goals. You must burn off 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. Running a 12-minute mile burns approximately 100 calories that could be slightly more for larger people and slightly fewer for smaller people.

Rate of Loss

If you use the 100-calorie-per-mile estimate, it takes 35 miles of running per week or 5 miles per day to lose a pound per week. Run 17.5 miles per week and lose a half of a pound per week. This level of weight loss will only happen if your calorie intake before running was just enough to support your weight and you don’t add extra snacks once you start regular exercise. You can even lose a fraction of a pound each week if you run just a mile or two per day, but the loss won’t amount to much.

Exact Calorie Calculations

largesmallLarger bodies burn more calories than smaller bodies. For example, a 155-pound person running a 10-minute mile burns about 124 calories per mile while a 185-pound person burns about 148. A 125-pound person burns 100 calories per mile running at this pace. If you are an efficient runner and have been doing it for years, you may burn fewer calories than a newbie if you both are going the same pace because your body is accustomed to the activity and knows how to conserve energy.

Research Results

A study conducted by Duke University researchers in 2005, found that it took people eight months of running 20 miles per week to lose 14 pounds. The participants did not make any changes to their diet, but the running still helped them reduce visceral and subcutaneous belly fat.

Tips to keep in mind while running to shed off holiday weight gain

Please make sure you remember these pointers:

  • Wear a GPS unit with a built-in heart rate monitor to track your mileage while you monitoring your heart rate. Use a watch with a second hand, and manually calculate your heart rate periodically to make sure you are reaching your target heart rate zone.
  • Consult with your physician before starting a running program for weight loss. Your physician will also let your know your recommended target heart zone.
  • Purchase running shoes at an athletic shoe store that offers shoe fitting to help you properly fit your foot.

Additional ways to lose excess pounds

Apart from running, you can try several methods to return to your pre-holiday weight – here goes:

Reduce calorie intake

If you normally eat fatty and sugary foods, reduce your sugar intake quickly by drinking water and tea instead of soda and fruit juice. Immediately after the holidays, replace candy, bagged snacks and desserts with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and whole grains.

Maintain a record of progress

calculate2Keep track of everything you eat and review your food journal daily. Write down your food intake in a notebook or use your smart device to keep video and audio journals of what you eat. Being aware of what you eat can serve as an effective reminder of which foods to avoid as you work on dropping holiday pounds.

Join a support group

A support group can help you stay on track if you have difficulty letting go of certain holiday foods or need motivation to exercise on a daily basis. Employers, churches and community centers often offer post-holiday weight-loss support groups to inspire wellness practices before and after an indulgent break. Remain firm in your resolve to lose weight – if you can’t do so, there is a possibility of being unable to stop gorging on sweet treats or procrastinating when it comes to running. Focus on the end goal – that should be your only objective till you get rid off the extra fat stores in your body.
How many miles should i run to lose weight after the holidays

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