ab wheelThe ab wheel,also known as an ab roller is undoubtedly an important tool for strengthening the core muscles of the body as well as the chest and the back. It allows for the performance of a wide range of exercises all of which are geared towards enhancing resistance. While most people often prefer weights to rollers, the effectiveness of ab rollers in resistance training cannot be understated.

Various muscles
Unlike weights which often focus on one part of the body, an ab roller effectively targets a number of muscles. Crunches for instance only strengthen the abdominal muscles and the sides. However, for the ab roller, if done appropriately, it is able to strengthen more than 20 muscles such as the stomach muscles, hip flexors, obliques and a wide range of others in the body.

Tougher on the body
If you find the ab roller easier on your body than crunches, then you are not doing the right thing. According to research, an ab roller results in the involvement of more muscles than several other exercises combined meaning that even the impact it has on the body is unlike that of any other exercise.

Improved balance
Exercising with an ab-roller improves your health and balance in a number of ways. Due to the amount of energy required by the body to pull through such an exercise, the body increases its stamina and the level of endurance. This means that it becomes easier for an individual to face other tough tasks. These exercises also help in prevention of diseases and in the maintenance of a healthy body. Constant dedication to the ab-roller reduces the risks towards injuries, eases anxiety and helps the body maintain better balance. Most importantly, it helps an individual maintain more strengthened muscles and strong bones and joints.

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