core training at home without weightsThe concept of exercising has undergone a paradigm shift in recent years. Gone are the days when going to a gym or health club was compulsory for getting a toned and fit body. You can easily achieve that at home with some simple equipment, but you need to stick to a regular fitness regime in order to maintain a healthy body.
Core training exercises are extremely popular these days because a strong core offers numerous benefits such as:

Injury prevention

In order to have a muscular body sans injuries, you need core strength and stability. The former are the internal muscles located near the spine, while the strength is found in the abs. Work on developing the stability followed by the strength. Remember – the foundation of your body needs to be strong so that you can build up a powerful physique. The movements of core training begin at the center and move outwards. A physically fit body means less possibilities of injuries, pain, and discomfort.

A more stable body

Core training works towards stabilizing the spine and pelvis of the body, which results in providing better balance. The core is located in the middle and makes its way via the spinal column, so each maneuver encompasses it too. Moreover, it is essential that the spine should be erect and hip bones be aligned in a neutral manner. To provide the best support to the entire body, your muscles need to work in tandem, and core exercises will help to achieve that.

Perform better

This type of training works wonders for those who participate in sporting activities on a regular basis, because it strengthens the core muscles, which in turn makes them perform to the fullest of their ability. Upper and lower body strength is integral, but your system is powered by the core, so it can’t be weak. Any dynamic movement using upper and lower body is generated from the core. Well-trained muscles enhance speed and improve performance like never before.

CNS and organs are protected gliding disc exercises

While you strengthen your outer body, you can’t neglect the vital systems inside it, because they too need adequate protection and have to be kept in robust health. The organs and central nervous system (CNS) contain some of the most crucial arteries and veins in the whole body and are also responsible for stimulating the functionality of the core. The sturdier the core muscles are, the better they can protect the internal organs and CNS. If your core is not strong enough to withstand stress and pressure, you might experience sensations of soreness and pains & aches.

Back pain is lessened

When there is the risk of getting injured due to weak core muscles, there is also the chance of back aches manifesting as a symptom of inadequate support to the spine. There was some ambiguity in this theory but recent researches and studies have enough evidence to substantiate this statement. Core strengthening and engaging exercises need to be performed so you won’t be in constant pain, your mobility will increase, and the spine will get proper support for chronic aches.

What is the Elite CoreSlider?

The Elite CoreSlider is a simple exercise tool that helps in core strengthening via a variety of exercises that involve different body parts. They are available in the form of two discs, known as CoreSlider discs – mechanism is devoid of complexity, and can be used for all kinds of movements regardless of where you are. Even if you are stumped for time, you can still follow a fitness routine using these discs. It has been deemed suitable for all fitness levels.

Exercises using the CoreSlider

Mountain Climbing core slider amazon

Bend down on all fours but before that you need to ensure the discs are positioned under your feet. As is evident from the name, drag the feet in a continuous up-down motion, which is similar to climbing a mountain. Face the floor while carrying out these movements.

Slide Lunges

This is perhaps one of the easiest workouts using CoreSliders, but it is also quite effective in strengthening the core. Use a chair while performing Slide Lunges for support. Grip the back of the chair while positioning your feet on the discs. Start gliding as if you are walking on a treadmill. Begin with large steps and slowly shorten the gap by taking smaller ones.

Slide Hammie Curls

Put the discs under the feet (they are curled up initially) and position your body in such a way that you are lying on your back with the arms stretched on the sides. Extend your feet gradually in the front and pull them back at the same speed. The position of your arms should remain unchanged.

The Ab Wheel Ab wheel amazon

Bend down facing the floor and position the discs underneath the hand. The legs have to be closed at all times – the only movement will be the extending of your arms in a linear fashion while continuing the back and forth activity.

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