7 best foods for flat absWhen it comes to fitness, there are quite a few Americans who wish that they could look better in their daily lives, with and without clothes. When you lose weight and tone up your abs and core, you will be able to wear smaller clothing and feel better about your appearance in public, no matter the outfit that you are wearing. Going swimming becomes less embarrassing, and showing off becomes possible, rather than trying to hide your body from others. Of course, becoming fit and getting a 6 pack in your abdominal area will not only allow you to look better, but it will allow you to feel better physically, move around easier, and allow you to feel better about your own body image. 6 Pack abs are definitely attainable for anyone who wishes to go down the path of attaining a 6 pack. Having a firm 6 pack starts with losing weight and the types of foods that you eat. If you are not supplying your body with the proper nutrients that it needs to lose weight and tone up your core, your body will not change at all. Working out comes after food, but since nutrition is so important to attain six pack abs, this article will cover the 7 best foods that you can eat when you are working towards a firmer core and strengthening your overall core strength.

1. Almonds – Almonds are an incredible source of protein and fiber, as well as Vitamin E which is essential for your body to burn fat.

2. Eggs – Eggs are perfect for burning fat, especially if you are only eating the egg whites. Since eggs contain a large amount of protein, you will build muscle while burning away unwanted fat.

3. Beans – Beans are a huge source of fiber, and lower your blood pressure while burning fat and building muscle.

4. Green Vegetables – Greens are a good source of fiber and fill you up without putting a lot of calories in your body. In fact, some greens have a negative calorie effect (like broccoli) meaning it takes more energy to burn them than the calories they hold.

5. Dairy – Dairy is good in moderation. Too much will add fat, but a little dairy each day will raise your metabolism.

6. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is incredibly filling, has little calories, and is delicious!

7. Lean Meats – Lean Meats are the perfect food to build muscle while fighting weight gain. Lean meats include items like turkey that have very little fat.

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