benefits of using push up stands vs regular pushup
Working out using pushup bars is perhaps one of the most innovative ways to ensure your upper body gets a good workout and your core gets stronger with each passing day. The best part is that these exercises take little time to perform and you can do them from home without going to a gym.

How to warm-up beforehand?

Rotating pushup bars are an upgrade of the standard type that helps to improve and add variety while performing this workout program. Here is a small warm-up session you can do before moving on to the different exercises:

It is necessary that you find an open space that is free from any mess and clutter. Set the rotating push-up bars on the ground at slightly wider than shoulder width.

Grip the handles using both hands and extend your legs at the same time. The toes should be placed on the ground and tucked under the feet. Keep the arms extended and the body straight so there is no arch in the back or sag in the abdomen. The knuckles have to face forward, so you need to rotate the handles to adjust the angle.

Lower your body downwards toward the floor at a slow pace by bending the elbows while turning the knuckles outward to rotate the bars. The body should be kept straight and while lowering the body you need to breathe in.

Just before your chest touches the floor, you should stop and gradually extend the arms and press back up while simultaneously turning the knuckles inward. Breathe out as you return to the original starting position.

Pause for a moment before performing repetitions. The number of repetitions depends on your fitness level.

How is the pushup bar so useful? benefits of using push up stands vs regular pushup

There is the concept of no-equipment exercise that seems to have caught on quite fast due to being extremely effective. The pushup bar is one of the current innovations that help to support that theory. Moreover, the wrists undergo a lot of stress when your hands are flat on the floor and you are performing heavy-duty movements. Pushup bars can help to reduce the discomfort and pain that often results from that position.

Which exercises can you perform and what are their advantages?

Chest exercises

Consider the basic pushup, which is an amazing exercise despite its simplicity as it helps in working a variety of areas from the chest, shoulders and arms, to the core muscles of the abdomen that help to stabilize the body in this position. To increase the effectiveness of this move, you should try to do elevated pushups with your feet on a rest, which puts your feet higher than your head. You can prop your feet up on a chair or against the wall with your hands on the pushup bar and repeat these movements. This maneuver increases the workload required of your muscles in the chest, shoulders and arms, thereby coercing them to take on more of the load. This type of movement can’t be repeated too many times, but the increased resistance allows a strength-building workout.

Shoulder exercises

Try the handstand pushup, which is yet another intense and effective move to reap the full benefits of pushup bars. Place your hands on the grips of the push-up bar, rest your feet on a wall, so you can be as close to being upside down as possible. The pushups have to be executed while maintaining this position. This type of exercise is quite severe as you push the entire body weight with your arms and shoulders, while the body also works to support you in the upright position. If you feel confident, you can perform this pushup without leaning against a wall.

Arm exercises

If you wish to put emphasis on your arm muscles instead of the ones in your chest and shoulders, then it is best to switch to perform seated dips on the pushup bar. These can help to work the triceps at the back of the arm, which make up 2/3 of the total size of your upper arm. Assume a position with legs extended in front you, with the pushup bar on the ground directly behind your butt. Put both hands on the bars behind you with the elbows bent. Push up while keeping your arms are straight, to lift your body off the ground, so your weight is supported by your hands and feet.

Why choose Elite Pushup Bars? benefits of using rotational push up stands vs regular pushup

The rotating pushup bars from Elite are one of the most simple, yet advanced training tools available with several benefits:

-You can target specific muscle groups in your triceps, shoulders, upper back, chest, and abdominal core muscles.

-They have solid grip handles to prevent the bars from accidentally slipping during exercise.
There is no unwanted strain and pressure on the wrist since they are parallel to the arm instead of being positioned at a sharp and uncomfortable angle.

-They are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. benefits of using rotational push up stands vs regular pushup

-The rotating base helps the arm to move more naturally while raising and lowering yourself.
Start exercising with the help of Elite pushup bars – they are quite effective and you will see the results within a short time period.

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