Increase speed

It is every runner’s dream that they will always be able to increase their speed and win more races in competition. While this can be hard to come by, it can become a reality with effective strength training. According to experts, strength training helps in the enhancement of leg strength which eventually increases the efficient utilization of energy and oxygen in the body. What this means is that as an athlete, you are able to sustain a faster pace and also run for a longer time.

Improved final kick

Effective strength training helps your body to endure more and to utilize energy effectively. With this enhanced running economy, the body, even after running for long distances, still has a reserve of energy for a bursting final lap. Studies have shown that with constant strength training, the body increases the proportion of muscle fibers that take long to fatigue and they come in handy when the body is exhausted.

Fewer injuries

Athletes are always prone to bouts of nagging injuries that impede on their productivity. Strength training, while not purporting to prevent injuries, helps correct the inherent imbalances that lead to injuries. Studies have shown that most falls are as a result of instabilities in the body that make one side of the body dominant to the other. This makes it easier for a runner for instance to lose stride and trip leading to injuries.

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