electrolytes after exerciseElectrolytes are integral because they are responsible in ensuring that bodily functions run smoothly. It can be compared to putting petrol in a car so it runs without any trouble. They are positively (+) and negatively (-) balanced charged minerals that dissolve and then separate in water, which allows them to conduct electricity. This phenomenon helps in emitting electrical impulses and transmitting them throughout the body.electrolytes for athletes

What is their effect on the body?

Each electrolyte – sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, bicarbonate, and phosphate – has a specific function. Together, they ensure that the balance of fluids between the extracellular and intracellular environment is maintained. If this balance is disrupted, your health suffers greatly as the muscle function, pH levels, hydration, and nerve impulses are affected negatively. If there a change in calcium, potassium and sodium levels, the symptoms might manifest in the form of excruciating cramps and aches in the muscles and joints. During a workout, electrolytes allow proper nerve transmission and muscle contraction because the body undergoes a lot of pressure and stress. Kidneys are also responsible in maintaining proper electrolyte levels.

Electrolytes are found in the blood, urine, and other fluids in the body. They can be moved in and out of cells as and when required. If the concentration of electrolytes is a bit low in a certain region, they will be removed from there, while higher concentration will bring in fluids to the area.

How much is lost through sweating?

There is no fixed amount that is lost when you sweat, because the amounts of electrolyte losses depend upon the individual whose sweat losses and sweat electrolyte concentration are different. Sweat rate is determined by the intensity and length of an exercise, clothing, body composition, and the temperature of the surrounding areas. If a person has high sodium content in their sweat, they are known as salt sweaters due to the sodium concentration level being higher than average.

This quantity is usually dependant on genetic predisposition, diet, sweat rate and heat acclimatization. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that dehydration can boost the concentration of sodium and potassium in the sweat. That is why; you should not start any exercise if you feel thirsty or dehydrated. Urine color is a strong indicator of whether you are dehydrated or not – pale yellow urine indicates everything is normal. When individuals are forced to adapt to an excessively hot environment, they adjust by honing their capabilities to reabsorb sodium and chloride, so the electrolytes lost while sweating, will be slightly less.
To put it in a nutshell, electrolyte levels must be replenished right away so that functions of the body can continue uninterrupted in their usual manner, so that your health doesn’t suffer in any way.

When is it important to replace electrolytes?

Before exercising

As stated before, never start sessions without a healthy electrolyte intake. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should compensate for the loss beforehand. If you are a salty sweater, you need to eat a salty snack or drink a sports drink in place of water, when it comes to hydrating before exercise. Salty sweaters usually experience their skin and clothing covered in salt residue during and/or after exercising. If your workouts exceed an hour, have high intensity, and are performed in high ambient temperature and humidity, it is important to ensure there are no chances of dehydration

During Exercise

If you are using sports drinks or supplements for hydration, it should contain both carbohydrates and electrolytes for regimens that extend beyond an hour and can go up to 90 minutes. The body needs to absorb and keep the fluid levels consistent, while utilizing the carbohydrate as well. For salty sweaters who work out for two or three hours, it best to take supplements that contain higher quantities of electrolytes.

After Exercise

Drinking plain water during the day might be sufficient, but in order to replenish the electrolytes you are losing during high-intensity or long-duration exercise, you have to balance it with the right foods. There are recovery foods such as mixed nuts, baked potato chips, pretzels, pickles and crackers that can serve the purpose.

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