athletes foot spray amazonWhy Use Natural Products for Skincare

Some might argue that natural products cost way more than those that contain synthetic ingredients. However, this is nothing but a misconception – even if the price is slightly more, you shouldn’t take chances with your skin! In the years to come, you will be enormously benefited with younger looking skin that you can retain for a longer period of time.

Environment Friendly

Whenever you use a synthetic product made with conventionally produced ingredients, it affects the environment in a negative way. Items laden with chemicals in the skincare sector spell bad news because they eventually pass into the air and water, which in turn impacts your lifestyle. That is why you need to ensure that the product you use contains organically farmed and manufactured ingredients.

No Allergies or Breathing Problems

Chemicals in general have a pungent and unpleasant smell, which is why artificial aromas are used to mask the chemical-like odor in skincare products. So it ends up being a chemical used to cover up another one and therein lies the problem as these fragrances do more harm than good. It can cause headaches, breathing issues, and allergies. Natural ingredients not only smell pleasant, but they also don’t harm your health in any manner.

Prevent Irritation

Some products have an excess of chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers. Skin types vary from person to person, some being extremely sensitive to synthetic stuff, which leads to itching sensations, redness, and irritation. Even if you don’t sense any immediate discomfort, chemical-heavy skincare products like foot sprays affect the skin in a dreadful way.

No Side Effects

To extend the shelf life of products, a lot of conventionally created items use parabens while manufacturing. Parabens function as a preservative, but what they are actually doing is piggybacking the natural hormones of the body despite being synthetic in nature. Research has been conducted regarding the long-term effects of parabens on the body, and there are subtle references of them modifying the functions of the endocrine system. Thus it can be safely stated that there might be other side effects that are yet to be uncovered but can cause a lot of damage in the years to come.

The Bigger Picture

Harmful chemicals will inevitably wreak havoc on the skin over the years with continued usage. Even if the effects are not apparent right away, they might appear when it is too late to do anything. Treating the foot doesn’t mean you can use just about anything – the product needs to soothe and nourish the skin as well as combat the odor.

That is why you should always be in favor of natural products instead of synthetic ones for the sake of healthier skin over time.

Why are Botanicals and Essential Oils Beneficial? athletes foot spray amazon

This is how chemical-laden products differ from natural ones – the latter contains botanicals and essential oils that help to maintain the suppleness of skin without causing any harm. When you utilize such products for a long time, your skin quality improves drastically.

What is an Essential Oil?

It is basically a fluid that has been distilled from plants. It can be extracted via stems, bark, roots, flowers, or leaves. The term “essential oils” is a tad misleading since this fluid is not oily at all! Most of them are clear although some oils like orange and lemongrass have an amber or yellow hue. They exhibit the essence of the plant that they are extracted from. The concentration is quite high, which is why a small quantity lasts is sufficient to produce the desired outcome.

Essential oils are frequently used in aromatherapy, which is perhaps one of the most effective techniques in the branch of alternative medicine. They have a high degree of healing effects that can cure a variety of skin-related issues. They are not to be confused with perfume or fragrances, because perfumes are artificially produced and lack the remedial effects offered by essential oils. Such oils have numerous psychological and physical therapeutic benefits that are now being utilized in different products, especially in the skincare sector.

Benefits of Essential Oils

They are completely natural, which is why they are more potent as compared to synthetic products. Such oils can work quicker than drugs at times and are 100% safe without any side effects. The effects are more long-lasting as well.

A common myth is that essential oils are costly, but if you calculate the total price in the long run, you will be surprised to notice that synthetic products are costing you way more.

These oils have the power to penetrate the blood and brain barrier. They have been known to reduce, inhibit and even eliminate signs of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Due to the drastic changes in the environment, our lifestyle has been affected tremendously. Try as we might, it is not possible to eradicate each and every toxic chemical from entering our body. Using essential oils helps to release the free radical cells in the body because the oils act as strong antioxidants, thereby lessening the chances of any underlying damage. Thus, your bloodstream is purified naturally.

The cells in the body require a healthy amount of oxygen on a daily basis, which can be boosted by these oils.
They have been known to reduce stress by helping to keep a check on the emotional state of a person. For example, lavender and chamomile can calm you down while rosemary tends to soften the mood and eliminate signs of irritability.
As mentioned, essential oils imbibe the immune defense properties of the plant they are derived from. The oils are thus equipped with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal elements.

No more unpleasant chemical-like odors – you get to experience the natural and sweet aroma of these oils.
When you come into contact with toxins, face a lot of pressure at work, and don’t maintain a balanced diet, the body’s bioelectrical frequencies go for a toss. This results in reduced organ and system function. But the use of essential oils helps to sustain the correct level of bioelectrical frequencies.

What are Botanicals?

These oils are also extracted from plants, which are thick, non-volatile, and fatty. They can be derived from different parts of the plant via heat or being cold pressed. They are high in terms of nutritional value because they contain an abundance of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
Organic products are currently the rage in the skincare market – they are a boon, especially for those with sensitive skin. They are au naturel and contain less or zero preservatives.

Benefits of Botanicals

They have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which are absorbed from the plants they are extracted from. Blood purification is also possible via botanicals.
The skin is usually incapable of differentiating between products and ingredients, which is why they react and function like any other organ in the body when subjected to varied elements and chemicals. Botanicals are organic, so they help the body to function and maintain the system on the same tangent as its natural course.

Chemicals might lead to breakouts, excessively dry skin, itchiness, redness, increased production of free radicals, rashes, or dehydration. Natural ingredients can be absorbed by the body in the proper way, which will ensure there are no harmful side effects as caused by chemicals.

Plant extracts are gentler on the skin as opposed to synthetic elements. People with sensitive skin can easily use them without fear of any adverse effects.
Chemicals can lead to wrinkles and droopiness, which causes your skin to age well before time. Botanicals produce a soothing effect on the skin, so you can retain softer and smoother skin for a longer period of time.

Always check to make sure if you are using a natural product or not – read the listed ingredients carefully before buying anything.For more information on our ALL NATURAL Athletes Foot Spray on Amazon please click here.

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