5 Ways to Train Your Core without Crunches
Do you know what core strength actually means? Unfortunately, there have been a lot of misconceptions regarding this term, due to which the meaning has been warped over the years. The main problem is that people tend to mix up abs and core, and often use them interchangeably, thereby leading to confusion. Core denotes the center of the body that includes muscles of the chest, back, hips, and abdomen.
Top Core Exercising Equipment
When you work towards increasing core strength, it also means better functionality of the body as the core controls movement and the center of the body also houses the central nervous system and other internal organs. However, core exercises don’t consist of just crunches – in fact there are alternate exercises that are equally effective.
Elite Push Up Bars 

flat tummy without crunches or sit-ups
These elite pushup bars on amazon are made up of premium grade material. These bars are available in pairs and comprise two rotating discs with small grab handles on them for more stability. The base is also embedded with small steel ball bearings.
While performing extended pushups, it is extremely important that your back gets the necessary support while your muscles are being worked upon from other angels – pushup bars make this possible.
They last for a very long time even after continuous usage.
The grab handles help to ease the pressure on your wrists during pushups, thereby eliminating any discomfort or pain you might have felt otherwise.
The upper body gains a lot of muscle mass within a short time.
You will be able to perform better when it comes to sports and related activities.
Portability of product helps you to work wherever you are.
core slider amazonElite CoreSlider
This tool is quite simple, but it can be utilized to perform a variety of exercises that you would be able to do in a gym. There are two double-sided discs, also known as sliding discs that positioned under the hands and feet before exercising. Stretching, pushups, planks etc. are some of the exercises you can perform using CoreSliders.
You can follow a fixed workout routine that helps to train your core without crunches, by consulting a fitness expert.
The “sliding discs” are so named because they are designed to glide smoothly on most surfaces such as on hardwood floors and carpets.
You don’t have to miss a single workout session while traveling, because you can just pack up the discs and take them with you.
The discs are lightweight and take up very little space, so you can bring them to work and do the exercises in your office by taking a short break.
You gain muscle mass and your joints become more flexible.
Elite Ab Wheel Roller

This particular tool looks quite simple, as it appears to be a wheel with handles on either side. There are numerous exercises that can be done with this Ab Wheel Roller as it is more than a mechanical tool.
It helps to concentrate on important areas of the body – you can build up powerful abs using the roller.
Core muscles like the lower torso, stomach area, hip flexors, pelvis, shoulders etc. become stronger.
Your endurance limit increases within just a few days.
Your overall balance and posture becomes better since the roller helps to maintain a the spine in an optimal position, thereby enhancing the stability of the body.
Exercises using this tool help to enhance the coordination between the muscles and other organs in the body.
ab wheel amazonElite Abdominal Mat
As is evident from the name, this equipment is designed so that you can work on abdominal muscles and toughen up the core too. However, it is also a great Cross-Fit combination as well. There is a slight curve on the mat that helps in getting a better and extended sit-up during exercises. The mat is made with top quality materials so that you get a premium quality product.
Improved posture and body balance can be achieved.
You can gain proper muscle mass in your mid-section.
The exercises provide additional support to your back and tailbone during extended sit-ups.
The basal metabolic rate and sporting performance increases.
Chances of catching diseases are greatly reduced.
best gym ring exercises for menElite Gym Rings 
The best rated gymnastic rings on amazon   have been designed to provide a full body strength and core training workout routine. They are made with PC plastic and have non-slip buckles and strap to avoid any kind of slippage. It lasts for a long time and can be used for pull ups, push ups, dips etc.
The flexibility and core strength of your body improves a great deal.
Key portions of your body will gain muscle mass.
Rings can be used by anyone regardless of their fitness levels – all you need to do is adjust the rings to the correct height.
Your grip strength is enhanced so you can lift heavier weights in the future.
These methods are easy and take up less time, but can display results within days if you can maintain a regular and consistent regimen. Are you ready to begin?…For more information or to buy gymnastics rings, go to Amazon.com below.

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